Salt is available in the FreeBSD ports tree at sysutils/py-salt.

FreeBSD binary repo

Install Salt on FreeBSD via the official package repository. Salt is packaged both as a Python 2.7 or 3.7 version.

For Python 2.7 use:

pkg install py27-salt

For Python 3.7 use:

pkg install py37-salt

FreeBSD ports

Installation from ports:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/py-salt
make install

Python 3.7 can be used by setting default Python version to 3.7:

echo "DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= python=3.7" >> /etc/make.conf

Post-installation tasks


Activate the Salt Master in /etc/rc.conf:

sysrc salt_master_enable="YES"

Start the Master

Start the Salt Master as follows:

service salt_master start


Activate the Salt Minion in /etc/rc.conf:

sysrc salt_minion_enable="YES"

Start the Minion

Start the Salt Minion as follows:

service salt_minion start

Now go to the Configuring Salt page.