Salt is available in the FreeBSD ports tree at sysutils/py-salt.

FreeBSD binary repo

Install Salt on FreeBSD via the official package repository. Salt is packaged with whichever Python version is currently the default on FreeBSD.

Python 3.8 is currently default, install from packages like this:

pkg install py38-salt

FreeBSD ports

Installation from ports:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/py-salt
make install

Python 3.7 can be used by setting default Python version to 3.7:

echo "DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= python=3.7" >> /etc/make.conf

Post-installation tasks


Activate the Salt Master in /etc/rc.conf:

sysrc salt_master_enable="YES"

Start the Master

Start the Salt Master as follows:

service salt_master start


Activate the Salt Minion in /etc/rc.conf:

sysrc salt_minion_enable="YES"

Start the Minion

Start the Salt Minion as follows:

service salt_minion start

Now go to the Configuring Salt page.