Source code for saltext.vmware.modules.ssl_adapter

from requests.adapters import HTTPAdapter

[docs]class HostHeaderSSLAdapter(HTTPAdapter): """ A HTTPS Adapter for Python Requests that sets the hostname for certificate verification based on the Host header. This allows requesting the IP address directly via HTTPS without getting a "hostname doesn't match" exception. Example usage: >>> s.mount('https://', HostHeaderSSLAdapter()) >>> s.get("", headers={"Host": ""}) """ def send(self, request, **kwargs): """""" # HTTP headers are case-insensitive (RFC 7230) host_header = None for header in request.headers: if header.lower() == "host": host_header = request.headers[header] break connection_pool_kwargs = self.poolmanager.connection_pool_kw if host_header: connection_pool_kwargs["assert_hostname"] = host_header elif "assert_hostname" in connection_pool_kwargs: # an assert_hostname from a previous request may have been left connection_pool_kwargs.pop("assert_hostname", None) return super().send(request, **kwargs)