Platform agnostic installation (pip)#

The Salt Project provides a public repository for packages at the Salt Project Package Repo.

The preferred method for installing Salt is using distribution packages. This method ensures that:

  • All dependencies are met.
  • Salt is installed in a tested and distribution-aligned way.


Salt is often distributed in split packages, but only the salt-master and salt-minion packages are required for Salt to function.

About platform agonistic installation#

Salt can be installed in a platform-agnostic way using the Python package installer pip from

You can use pip to install other packages that will complement your Salt code.

A benefit of using pip is the ability to install Salt in Python virtual environments and Conda environments.

Install Salt using pip#

  1. Install package:

    pip3 install salt


    You can use pip and pip3 interchangeably, depending on the platform’s support for Python 3.