The backend for serving files from the Azure blob storage service.

New in version 2015.8.0.

To enable, add azurefs to the fileserver_backend option in the Master config file.

  - azurefs

Starting in Salt 2018.3.0, this fileserver requires the standalone Azure Storage SDK for Python. Theoretically any version >= v0.20.0 should work, but it was developed against the v0.33.0 version.

Each storage container will be mapped to an environment. By default, containers will be mapped to the base environment. You can override this behavior with the saltenv configuration option. You can have an unlimited number of storage containers, and can have a storage container serve multiple environments, or have multiple storage containers mapped to the same environment. Normal first-found rules apply, and storage containers are searched in the order they are defined.

You must have either an account_key or a sas_token defined for each container, if it is private. If you use a sas_token, it must have READ and LIST permissions.

  - account_name: my_storage
    account_key: 'fNH9cRp0+qVIVYZ+5rnZAhHc9ycOUcJnHtzpfOr0W0sxrtL2KVLuMe1xDfLwmfed+JJInZaEdWVCPHD4d/oqeA=='
    container_name: my_container
  - account_name: my_storage
    sas_token: 'ss=b&sp=&sv=2015-07-08&sig=cohxXabx8FQdXsSEHyUXMjsSfNH2tZ2OB97Ou44pkRE%3D&srt=co&se=2017-04-18T21%3A38%3A01Z'
    container_name: my_dev_container
    saltenv: dev
  - account_name: my_storage
    container_name: my_public_container


Do not include the leading ? for sas_token if generated from the web