Salt User Guide#

If you’re looking to learn about Salt, you’ve come to the right place.

About the Salt User Guide#

The Salt User Guide supplements and extends the core documentation for the Salt Project. This guide is intended to help Salt users learn about Salt’s core concepts and features. It was originally authored by Alan Cugler and reviewed as a cross-collaborative effort between many Salt experts.

Contributions from anyone inside the Salt project community are always welcome. Please read the Contributing to Salt documentation for more information.

Overview of the toolchain#

This repository uses the following tools:

  • The Salt User Guide documentation is composed in reStructured text (rST), which is a version of Markdown that is generally used in Python-based projects.
  • The rST is then run through Sphinx, a static site generator that converts the rST into HTML for publication on the web.
  • Sphinx applies the SaltStack Material Theme for Sphinx to render the site.
  • The guide is hosted directly on GitLab using the GitLab pages feature.
  • GitLab handles the CI/CD pipeline for the project.

Table of Contents#

Intermediate Salt