salt-api 0.7.5

This release is a mostly a minor release to pave a better path for salt-ui though there are some small feature additions and bugfixes.


  • Convenience URLs /minions and /jobs have been added as well as a async client wrapper. This starts a job and immediately returns the job ID, allowing you to fetch the result of that job at a later time.

  • The return format will now default to JSON if no specific format is requested.

  • A new setting static has been added that will serve any static media from the directory specified. In addition if an index.html file is found in that directory and the Accept header in the request prefer HTML that file will be served.

  • All HTML, including the login form, has been removed from salt-api and moved into the salt-ui project.

  • Sessions now live as long as the Salt token.


salt-api is just getting off the ground so feedback, questions, and ideas are critical as we solidify how this project fits into the overall Salt infrastructure management stack. Please get involved by filing issues on GitHub, discussing on the mailing list, and chatting in #salt-devel on Freenode.