SPM Configuration

There are a number of options that are specific to SPM. They may be configured in the master configuration file, or in SPM's own spm configuration file (normally located at /etc/salt/spm). If configured in both places, the spm file takes precedence. In general, these values will not need to be changed from the defaults.


Default: /var/log/salt/spm

Where SPM logs messages.


Default: /etc/salt/spm.repos

SPM repositories are configured with this file. There is also a directory which corresponds to it, which ends in .d. For instance, if the filename is /etc/salt/spm.repos, the directory will be /etc/salt/spm.repos.d/.


Default: /var/cache/salt/spm

When SPM updates package repository metadata and downloads packaged, they will be placed in this directory. The package database, normally called packages.db, also lives in this directory.


Default: /var/cache/salt/spm/packages.db

The location and name of the package database. This database stores the names of all of the SPM packages installed on the system, the files that belong to them, and the metadata for those files.


Default: /srv/spm_build

When packages are built, they will be placed in this directory.


Default: ['.git']

When SPM builds a package, it normally adds all files in the formula directory to the package. Files listed here will be excluded from that package. This option requires a list to be specified.

  - .git
  - .svn

Types of Packages

SPM supports different types of formula packages. The function of each package is denoted by its name. For instance, packages which end in -formula are considered to be Salt States (the most common type of formula). Packages which end in -conf contain configuration which is to be placed in the /etc/salt/ directory. Packages which do not contain one of these names are treated as if they have a -formula name.


By default, most files from this type of package live in the /srv/spm/salt/ directory. The exception is the pillar.example file, which will be renamed to <package_name>.sls and placed in the pillar directory (/srv/spm/pillar/ by default).


By default, files from this type of package live in the /srv/spm/reactor/ directory.


The files in this type of package are configuration files for Salt, which normally live in the /etc/salt/ directory. Configuration files for packages other than Salt can and should be handled with a Salt State (using a formula type of package).