ZeroMQ Transport


ZeroMQ is the current default transport within Salt

ZeroMQ is a messaging library with bindings into many languages. ZeroMQ implements a socket interface for message passing, with specific semantics for the socket type.

Publish Server and Client

The publish server and client are implemented using ZeroMQ's pub/sub sockets. By default we don't use ZeroMQ's filtering, which means that all publish jobs are sent to all minions and filtered minion side. ZeroMQ does have publisher side filtering which can be enabled in salt using zmq_filtering.

Request Server and Client

The request server and client are implemented using ZeroMQ's req/rep sockets. These sockets enforce a send/recv pattern, which forces salt to serialize messages through these socket pairs. This means that although the interface is asynchronous on the minion we cannot send a second message until we have received the reply of the first message.