This page provides download files and instructions for installing Salt on macOS.

Before you start#

Before installing Salt on your operating system, ensure that you first:

Install Salt on macOS#

  1. Download the Salt installation file for macOS. See macOS downloads for a list of the latest downloads.


    OS X Gatekeeper settings may prevent installation of the Salt package. If a warning appears during installation, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy and click Open Anyway.

  2. Run the file to install Salt.

  3. After installation, configure the Salt minion ID, and the Salt master location, replacing the placeholder text with custom information:

    sudo salt-config -i yourminionname -m yoursaltmaster


    See Configure the Salt master and minions for more configuration options.

  4. Start the minion service. The commands to start and stop services are different for macOS than other operating systems.

    To start the minion service:

    sudo launchctl start com.saltstack.salt.minion

    To stop the minion service:

    sudo launchctl stop com.saltstack.salt.minion

After installing Salt on macOS, you need to complete the following post-installation steps:

Browse the repo#

Browse the repo for macOS packages

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