Minion Data Cache

New in version 2016.11.0.

The Minion data cache contains the Salt Mine data, minion grains and minion pillar information cached on the Salt Master. By default, Salt uses the localfs cache module to save the data in a msgpack file on the Salt Master.

Pluggable Data Cache

While the default Minion data cache is the localfs cache, other external data stores can also be used to store this data such as the consul module. To configure a Salt Master to use a different data store, the cache setting needs to be established:

cache: consul

The pluggable data cache streamlines using various Salt topologies such as a Multi-Master or Salt Syndics configuration by allowing the data stored on the Salt Master about a Salt Minion to be available to other Salt Syndics or Salt Masters that a Salt Minion is connected to.

Additional minion data cache modules can be easily created by modeling the custom data store after one of the existing cache modules.

See cache modules for a current list.

Configuring the Minion Data Cache

The default localfs Minion data cache module doesn't require any configuration. External data cache modules with external data stores such as Consul require a configuration setting in the master config.

Here's an example config for Consul:
consul.port: 8500
consul.token: None
consul.scheme: http
consul.consistency: default
consul.dc: dc1
consul.verify: True

cache: consul