Salt Community Projects

This page contains links to Salt-related projects created by community members. If you come across a useful project please add it to the list!


Hubble is a modular, open-source security compliance framework built on top of SaltStack. The project provides on-demand profile-based auditing, real-time security event notifications, automated remediation, alerting and reporting.


alkali is a collections of SaltStack states and pillar data that provide just the basics for provisioning Linux instances that may be built upon. alkali is a starter kit of sorts, to help new users to SaltStack get up-and-running quickly with the most commonly used, core packages.


buoyant leverages docker to provide an alternative to VM-centric SaltStack development environments. buoyant containers may be spun up nearly instantly, once an initial docker image has been built.

Salt Sandbox

Salt Sandbox is a multi-VM Vagrant-based Salt development environment used for creating and testing new Salt state modules outside of your production environment. It's also a great way to learn firsthand about Salt and its remote execution capabilities.

Salt Vagrant Demo

A Salt Demo using Vagrant.