Cloud Actions

Once a VM has been created, there are a number of actions that can be performed on it. The "reboot" action can be used across all providers, but all other actions are specific to the cloud provider. In order to perform an action, you may specify it from the command line, including the name(s) of the VM to perform the action on:

$ salt-cloud -a reboot vm_name
$ salt-cloud -a reboot vm1 vm2 vm2

Or you may specify a map which includes all VMs to perform the action on:

$ salt-cloud -a reboot -m /path/to/mapfile

The following is an example list of actions currently supported by salt-cloud:

all providers:
    - reboot
    - start
    - stop
    - stop
    - start
    - stop

Another useful reference for viewing more salt-cloud actions is the Salt Cloud Feature Matrix.