Cache data in filesystem.

New in version 2016.11.0.

The localfs Minion cache module is the default cache module and does not require any configuration.

Expiration values can be set in the relevant config file (/etc/salt/master for the master, /etc/salt/cloud for Salt Cloud, etc).

salt.cache.localfs.contains(bank, key, cachedir)

Checks if the specified bank contains the specified key.

salt.cache.localfs.fetch(bank, key, cachedir)

Fetch information from a file.

salt.cache.localfs.flush(bank, key=None, cachedir=None)

Remove the key from the cache bank with all the key content.

salt.cache.localfs.list_(bank, cachedir)

Return an iterable object containing all entries stored in the specified bank., key, data, cachedir)

Store information in a file.

salt.cache.localfs.updated(bank, key, cachedir)

Return the epoch of the mtime for this cache file