Splay function calls across targeted minions

salt.executors.splay.execute(opts, data, func, args, kwargs)

Splay a salt function call execution time across minions over a number of seconds (default: 300)


You probably want to use --async here and look up the job results later. If you're dead set on getting the output from the CLI command, then make sure to set the timeout (with the -t flag) to something greater than the splaytime (max splaytime + time to execute job). Otherwise, it's very likely that the cli will time out before the job returns.

CLI Example:

# With default splaytime
salt --async --module-executors='[splay, direct_call]' '*' pkg.install cowsay version=3.03-8.el6
# With specified splaytime (5 minutes) and timeout with 10 second buffer
salt -t 310 --module-executors='[splay, direct_call]' --executor-opts='{splaytime: 300}' '*' pkg.version cowsay