Display profiling data in a table format

Show profile data for returners that would normally show a highstate output.

CLI Example:

salt '*' state.apply something --out=profile

Attempt to output the returns of state.sls and state.highstate as a table of names, modules and durations that looks somewhat like the following:

name                      duration (ms)
I-fail-unless-stmt  other.function               -1.0000
old-minion-config   grains.list_present           1.1200
salt-data           group.present                48.3800
/etc/salt/minion    file.managed                 63.1450

To get the above appearance, use settings something like these:

out.table.separate_rows: False
out.table.justify: left
out.table.delim: '  '
out.table.prefix: ''
out.table.suffix: ''
salt.output.profile.output(data, **kwargs)

Display the profiling data in a table format.