Read tops data from a reclass database

This master_tops plugin provides access to the reclass database, such that state information (top data) are retrieved from reclass.

You can find more information about reclass at

To use the plugin, add it to the master_tops list in the Salt master config and tell reclass by way of a few options how and where to find the inventory:

    storage_type: yaml_fs
    inventory_base_uri: /srv/salt

This would cause reclass to read the inventory from YAML files in /srv/salt/nodes and /srv/salt/classes.

If you are also using reclass as ext_pillar plugin, and you want to avoid having to specify the same information for both, use YAML anchors (take note of the differing data types for ext_pillar and master_tops):

reclass: &reclass
  storage_type: yaml_fs
  inventory_base_uri: /srv/salt
  reclass_source_path: ~/code/reclass

  - reclass: *reclass

  reclass: *reclass

If you want to run reclass from source, rather than installing it, you can either let the master know via the PYTHONPATH environment variable, or by setting the configuration option, like in the example above.**kwargs)

Query reclass for the top data (states of the minions).