Salt 3007.1 release notes



  • The salt.utils.psutil_compat was deprecated and now removed in Salt 3008. Please use the psutil module directly. #66160


  • Fixes multiple issues with the cmd module on Windows. Scripts are called using the -File parameter to the powershell.exe binary. CLIXML data in stderr is now removed (only applies to encoded commands). Commands can now be sent to cmd.powershell as a list. Makes sure JSON data returned is valid. Strips whitespace from the return when using runas. #61166

  • Fixed the win_lgpo_netsh salt util to handle non-English systems. This was a rewrite to use PowerShell instead of netsh to make the changes on the system #61534

  • Fix typo in nftables module to ensure unique nft family values #65295

  • Corrected x509_v2 CRL creation last_update and next_update values when system timezone is not UTC #65837

  • Fix for NoneType can't be used in 'await' expression error. #66177

  • Log "Publish server binding pub to" messages to debug instead of error level. #66179

  • Fix syndic startup by making payload handler a coroutine #66237

  • Fixed aptpkg.remove "unable to locate package" error for non-existent package #66260

  • Fixed pillar.ls doesn't accept kwargs #66262

  • Fix cache directory setting in Master Cluster tutorial #66264

  • Change log level of successful master cluster key exchange from error to info. #66266

  • Made file.managed skip download of a remote source if the managed file already exists with the correct hash #66342

  • Fixed nftables.build_rule breaks ipv6 rules by using the wrong syntax for source and destination addresses #66382


  • Added the ability to pass a version of chocolatey to install to the chocolatey.bootstrap function. Also added states to bootstrap and unbootstrap chocolatey. #64722

  • Add Ubuntu 24.04 support #66180

  • Add Fedora 40 support, replacing Fedora 39 #66300