Mercurial Fileserver Backend

To enable, add hgfs to the fileserver_backend option in the Master config file.

  - hgfs


hg also works here. Prior to the 2018.3.0 release, only hg would work.

After enabling this backend, branches, bookmarks, and tags in a remote mercurial repository are exposed to salt as different environments. This feature is managed by the fileserver_backend option in the salt master config file.

This fileserver has an additional option hgfs_branch_method that will set the desired branch method. Possible values are: branches, bookmarks, or mixed. If using branches or mixed, the default branch will be mapped to base.

Changed in version 2014.1.0: The hgfs_base master config parameter was added, allowing for a branch other than default to be used for the base environment, and allowing for a base environment to be specified when using an hgfs_branch_method of bookmarks.

  • mercurial

  • python bindings for mercurial (python-hglib)