cache Module







New in version 2017.7.0.

This module provides access to Salt's cache subsystem.

Like all sdb modules, the cache module requires a configuration profile to be configured in either the minion or master configuration file. This profile requires very little. In the example:

  driver: cache
  bank: cloud/active/ec2/my-ec2-conf/saltmaster
  cachedir: /var/cache/salt

The driver refers to the cache module, bank refers to the cache bank that contains the data and cachedir (optional), if used, points to an alternate directory for cache data storage.

master_ip: sdb://mastercloudcache/public_ips

It is also possible to override both the bank and cachedir options inside the SDB URI:

master_ip: sdb://mastercloudcache/public_ips?cachedir=/var/cache/salt

For this reason, both the bank and the cachedir options can be omitted from the SDB profile. However, if the bank option is omitted, it must be specified in the URI:

master_ip: sdb://mastercloudcache/public_ips?bank=cloud/active/ec2/my-ec2-conf/saltmaster
salt.sdb.cache.delete(key, service=None, profile=None)

Get a value from the cache service

salt.sdb.cache.get(key, service=None, profile=None)

Get a value from the cache service

salt.sdb.cache.set_(key, value, service=None, profile=None)

Set a key/value pair in the cache service