Use Varstack to provide tops data

This master_tops plugin provides access to the varstack hierarchical yaml files, so you can user varstack as a full external node classifier and store state information (top data) in it.

Configuring Varstack

To use varstack as a master top external node classifier, install varstack as documented. Then, add to your master's configuration:

  varstack: /path/to/the/config/file/varstack.yaml

Varstack will then use /path/to/the/config/file/varstack.yaml (usually /etc/varstack.yaml) to determine which configuration data to return as adapter information. From there you can take a look at the README of varstack to learn how this file is evaluated. The ENC part will just return the 'states' dictionary for the node.

Ie, if my.fqdn.yaml file contains:

  - sudo
  - openssh
  - apache
  - salt.minion

these will be returned as {'base': ['sudo', 'openssh', 'apache', 'salt.minion']} and managed by salt as if given from a top.sls file.**kwargs)

Query varstack for the top data (states of the minions).