Authenticate via a PKI certificate.


This module is Experimental and should be used with caution

Provides an authenticate function that will allow the caller to authenticate a user via their public cert against a pre-defined Certificate Authority.

TODO: Add a 'ca_dir' option to configure a directory of CA files, a la Apache.

  • pyOpenSSL module

salt.auth.pki.auth(username, password, **kwargs)

Returns True if the given user cert (password is the cert contents) was issued by the CA and if cert's Common Name is equal to username.

Returns False otherwise.

username: we need it to run the auth function from CLI/API;

it should be in master config auth/acl

password: contents of user certificate (pem-encoded user public key);

why "password"? For CLI, it's the only available name

Configure the CA cert in the master config file:

    ca_file: /etc/pki/tls/ca_certs/trusted-ca.crt
      - .*