Send events covering service status


Scan for the configured services and fire events

Example Config

    - services:
        salt-master: {}
        mysql: {}

The config above sets up beacons to check for the salt-master and mysql services.

The config also supports two other parameters for each service:

onchangeonly: when onchangeonly is True the beacon will fire events only when the service status changes. Otherwise, it will fire an event at each beacon interval. The default is False.

delay: when delay is greater than 0 the beacon will fire events only after the service status changes, and the delay (in seconds) has passed. Applicable only when onchangeonly is True. The default is 0.

emitatstartup: when emitatstartup is False the beacon will not fire event when the minion is reload. Applicable only when onchangeonly is True. The default is True.

uncleanshutdown: If uncleanshutdown is present it should point to the location of a pid file for the service. Most services will not clean up this pid file if they are shutdown uncleanly (e.g. via kill -9) or if they are terminated through a crash such as a segmentation fault. If the file is present, then the beacon will add uncleanshutdown: True to the event. If not present, the field will be False. The field is only added when the service is NOT running. Omitting the configuration variable altogether will turn this feature off.

Please note that some init systems can remove the pid file if the service registers as crashed. One such example is nginx on CentOS 7, where the service unit removes the pid file when the service shuts down (IE: the pid file is observed as removed when kill -9 is sent to the nginx master process). The 'uncleanshutdown' option might not be of much use there, unless the unit file is modified.

Here is an example that will fire an event 30 seconds after the state of nginx changes and report an uncleanshutdown. This example is for Arch, which places nginx's pid file in /run.

    - services:
          onchangeonly: True
          delay: 30
          uncleanshutdown: /run/

Validate the beacon configuration