SoftLayer HW Cloud Module

The SoftLayer HW cloud module is used to control access to the SoftLayer hardware cloud system

Use of this module only requires the apikey parameter. Set up the cloud configuration at:

/etc/salt/cloud.providers or /etc/salt/cloud.providers.d/softlayer.conf:

  # SoftLayer account api key
  user: MYLOGIN
  apikey: JVkbSJDGHSDKUKSDJfhsdklfjgsjdkflhjlsdfffhgdgjkenrtuinv
  driver: softlayer_hw

The SoftLayer Python Library needs to be installed in order to use the SoftLayer modules. See:



Return a dict of all available VM images on the cloud provider.

List all available locations

Return a dict of all available VM sizes on the cloud provider with relevant data. This data is provided in three dicts.

Create a single VM from a data dict, call=None)

Destroy a node.

CLI Example:

salt-cloud --destroy mymachine

Return the first configured instance.'SoftLayer_Hardware')

Return a conn object for the passed VM data

Warn if dependencies aren't met.
Return the location to use, in this order:
  • CLI parameter

  • VM parameter

  • Cloud profile setting

Return a list of the VMs that are on the provider'mask[id, hostname, primaryIpAddress, primaryBackendIpAddress, processorPhysicalCoreAmount, memoryCount]', call=None)

Return a list of the VMs that are on the provider

Return a list of the VMs that are on the provider, with select fields

List all VLANs associated with the account

Return the script deployment object

Return a dict of all available categories on the cloud provider.

New in version 2016.3.0., kwargs=None)

Return a dict of all prices on the cloud provider., call=None)

Show the details from SoftLayer concerning a guest, call=None)

Show pricing for a particular profile. This is only an estimate, based on unofficial pricing sources.

CLI Examples:

salt-cloud -f show_pricing my-softlayerhw-config profile=my-profile

If pricing sources have not been cached, they will be downloaded. Once they have been cached, they will not be updated automatically. To manually update all prices, use the following command:

salt-cloud -f update_pricing <provider>

New in version 2015.8.0.