Return data to an ODBC compliant server. This driver was developed with Microsoft SQL Server in mind, but theoretically could be used to return data to any compliant ODBC database as long as there is a working ODBC driver for it on your minion platform.

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unixodbc, pyodbc, freetds (for SQL Server)



To enable this returner the minion will need

On Linux:

unixodbc ( pyodbc (pip install pyodbc) The FreeTDS ODBC driver for SQL Server ( or another compatible ODBC driver

On Windows:


unixODBC and FreeTDS need to be configured via /etc/odbcinst.ini and /etc/odbc.ini.



(Note the above Driver line needs to point to the location of the FreeTDS shared library. This example is for Ubuntu 14.04.)


Description = "Salt Returner"
Server = <your server ip or fqdn>
Port = 1433
Database = salt
Trace = No

Also you need the following values configured in the minion or master config. Configure as you see fit:

returner.odbc.dsn: 'TS'
returner.odbc.user: 'salt'
returner.odbc.passwd: 'salt'

Alternative configuration values can be used by prefacing the configuration. Any values not found in the alternative configuration will be pulled from the default location:

alternative.returner.odbc.dsn: 'TS'
alternative.returner.odbc.user: 'salt'
alternative.returner.odbc.passwd: 'salt'

Running the following commands against Microsoft SQL Server in the desired database as the appropriate user should create the database tables correctly. Replace with equivalent SQL for other ODBC-compliant servers

  -- Table structure for table 'jids'

  if OBJECT_ID('dbo.jids', 'U') is not null
      DROP TABLE dbo.jids

  CREATE TABLE dbo.jids (
     jid   varchar(255) PRIMARY KEY,
     load  varchar(MAX) NOT NULL

  -- Table structure for table 'salt_returns'
  IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.salt_returns', 'U') IS NOT NULL
      DROP TABLE dbo.salt_returns;

  CREATE TABLE dbo.salt_returns (
     added     datetime not null default (getdate()),
     fun       varchar(100) NOT NULL,
     jid       varchar(255) NOT NULL,
     retval    varchar(MAX) NOT NULL,
     id        varchar(255) NOT NULL,
     success   bit default(0) NOT NULL,
     full_ret  varchar(MAX)

  CREATE INDEX salt_returns_added on dbo.salt_returns(added);
  CREATE INDEX salt_returns_id on dbo.salt_returns(id);
  CREATE INDEX salt_returns_jid on dbo.salt_returns(jid);
  CREATE INDEX salt_returns_fun on dbo.salt_returns(fun);

To use this returner, append '--return odbc' to the salt command.

.. code-block:: bash

  salt '*' status.diskusage --return odbc

To use the alternative configuration, append '--return_config alternative' to the salt command.

.. versionadded:: 2015.5.0

.. code-block:: bash

  salt '*' --return odbc --return_config alternative

To override individual configuration items, append --return_kwargs '{"key:": "value"}' to the salt command.

New in version 2016.3.0.

salt '*' --return odbc --return_kwargs '{"dsn": "dsn-name"}'

Return a dict of the last function called for all minions


Return the information returned when the specified job id was executed


Return a list of all job ids


Return the load data that marks a specified jid


Return a list of minions

salt.returners.odbc.prep_jid(nocache=False, passed_jid=None)

Do any work necessary to prepare a JID, including sending a custom id


Return data to an odbc server

salt.returners.odbc.save_load(jid, load, minions=None)

Save the load to the specified jid id

salt.returners.odbc.save_minions(jid, minions, syndic_id=None)

Included for API consistency