Startup States

Sometimes it may be desired that the salt minion execute a state run when it is started. This alleviates the need for the master to initiate a state run on a new minion and can make provisioning much easier.

As of Salt 0.10.3 the minion config reads options that allow for states to be executed at startup. The options are startup_states, sls_list, and top_file.

The startup_states option can be passed one of a number of arguments to define how to execute states. The available options are:


Execute state.apply


Read in the sls_list option and execute the named sls files


Read in the top_file option and execute states based on that top file on the Salt Master


Execute state.apply to run the highstate when starting the minion:

startup_states: highstate

Execute the sls files edit.vim and hyper:

startup_states: sls

  - edit.vim
  - hyper