Renderer that will decrypt NACL ciphers

Any key in the SLS file can be an NACL cipher, and this renderer will decrypt it before passing it off to Salt. This allows you to safely store secrets in source control, in such a way that only your Salt master can decrypt them and distribute them only to the minions that need them.

The typical use-case would be to use ciphers in your pillar data, and keep a secret key on your master. You can put the public key in source control so that developers can add new secrets quickly and easily.

This renderer requires the libsodium library binary and PyNacl >= 1.0


To set things up, first generate a keypair. On the master, run the following:

# salt-call --local nacl.keygen sk_file=/root/.nacl

Using encrypted pillar

To encrypt secrets, copy the public key to your local machine and run:

$ salt-call --local nacl.enc datatoenc pk_file=/root/

To apply the renderer on a file-by-file basis add the following line to the top of any pillar with nacl encrypted data in it:


Now with your renderer configured, you can include your ciphers in your pillar data like so:


a-secret: "NACL[MRN3cc+fmdxyQbz6WMF+jq1hKdU5X5BBI7OjK+atvHo1ll+w1gZ7XyWtZVfq9gK9rQaMfkDxmidJKwE0Mw==]"
salt.renderers.nacl.render(nacl_data, saltenv='base', sls='', argline='', **kwargs)

Decrypt the data to be rendered using the given nacl key or the one given in config