Module for sending events using the runner system.

New in version 2016.11.0.

salt.runners.event.send(tag, data=None)

Send an event with the given tag and data.

This is useful for sending events directly to the master from the shell with salt-run. It is also quite useful for sending events in orchestration states where the fire_event requisite isn't sufficient because it does not support sending custom data with the event.

Note that event tags will not be namespaced like events sent with the fire_event requisite! Whereas events produced from fire_event are prefixed with salt/state_result/<jid>/<minion_id>/<name>, events sent using this runner module will have no such prefix. Make sure your reactors don't expect a prefix!

  • tag -- the tag to send with the event

  • data -- an optional dictionary of data to send with the event

CLI Example:

salt-run event.send my/custom/event '{"foo": "bar"}'

Orchestration Example:

# orch/command.sls

    - name:
    - tgt: my_minion
    - arg:
      - exit {{ pillar['exit_code'] }}

    - name: event.send
    - tag: my_event/success
    - data:
        foo: bar
    - require:
      - salt: run_a_command

    - name: event.send
    - tag: my_event/failure
    - data:
        baz: qux
    - onfail:
      - salt: run_a_command
salt-run state.orchestrate orch.command pillar='{"exit_code": 0}'
salt-run state.orchestrate orch.command pillar='{"exit_code": 1}'