A runner to access data from the salt mine

salt.runners.mine.get(tgt, fun, tgt_type='glob')

Gathers the data from the specified minions' mine, pass in the target, function to look up and the target type

CLI Example:

salt-run mine.get '*' network.interfaces
salt.runners.mine.update(tgt, tgt_type='glob', clear=False, mine_functions=None)

New in version 2017.7.0.

Update the mine data on a certain group of minions.


Which minions to target for the execution.

tgt_type: glob

The type of tgt.

clear: False

Boolean flag specifying whether updating will clear the existing mines, or will update. Default: False (update).


Update the mine data on certain functions only. This feature can be used when updating the mine for functions that require refresh at different intervals than the rest of the functions specified under mine_functions in the minion/master config or pillar.

CLI Example:

salt-run mine.update '*'
salt-run mine.update 'juniper-edges' tgt_type='nodegroup'