Autoaccept minions from Grains

New in version 2018.3.0.

To automatically accept minions based on certain characteristics, e.g. the uuid you can specify certain grain values on the salt master. Minions with matching grains will have their keys automatically accepted.

  1. Configure the autosign_grains_dir in the master config file:

autosign_grains_dir: /etc/salt/autosign_grains
  1. Configure the grain values to be accepted

Place a file named like the grain in the autosign_grains_dir and write the values that should be accepted automatically inside that file. For example to automatically accept minions based on their uuid create a file named /etc/salt/autosign_grains/uuid:


If already running, the master must be restarted for these config changes to take effect.

The master is now setup to accept minions with either of the two specified uuids. Multiple values must always be written into separate lines. Lines starting with a # are ignored.

  1. Configure the minion to send the specific grains to the master in the minion config file:

  - uuid

Now you should be able to start salt-minion and run salt-call state.apply or any other salt commands that require master authentication.