Salt Bootstrap

The Salt Bootstrap Script allows a user to install the Salt Minion or Master on a variety of system distributions and versions.

The Salt Bootstrap Script is a shell script is known as It runs through a series of checks to determine the operating system type and version. It then installs the Salt binaries using the appropriate methods.

The Salt Bootstrap Script installs the minimum number of packages required to run Salt. This means that in the event you run the bootstrap to install via package, Git will not be installed. Installing the minimum number of packages helps ensure the script stays as lightweight as possible, assuming the user will install any other required packages after the Salt binaries are present on the system.

The Salt Bootstrap Script is maintained in a separate repo from Salt, complete with its own issues, pull requests, contributing guidelines, release protocol, etc.

To learn more, please see the Salt Bootstrap repo links:


The Salt Bootstrap script can be found in the Salt repo under the salt/cloud/deploy/ path. Any changes to this file will be overwritten! Bug fixes and feature additions must be submitted via the Salt Bootstrap repo. Please see the Salt Bootstrap Script's Release Process for more information.