A module to pull data from Foreman via its API into the Pillar dictionary

Configuring the Foreman ext_pillar

Set the following Salt config to setup Foreman as external pillar source:

  - foreman:
      key: foreman # Nest results within this key
      only: ['hostgroup_name', 'parameters'] # Add only these keys to pillar

foreman.user: username # default is admin
foreman.password: password # default is changeme

The following options are optional:

foreman.api: apiversion # default is 2 (1 is not supported yet)
foreman.verifyssl: False # default is True
foreman.certfile: /etc/ssl/certs/mycert.pem # default is None
foreman.keyfile: /etc/ssl/private/mykey.pem # default is None
foreman.cafile: /etc/ssl/certs/ # default is None
foreman.lookup_parameters: True # default is True

An alternative would be to use the Foreman modules integrating Salt features in the Smart Proxy and the webinterface.

Further information can be found on GitHub.

Module Documentation

salt.pillar.foreman.ext_pillar(minion_id, pillar, key=None, only=())

Read pillar data from Foreman via its API.