Nodegroups Pillar

Introspection: to which nodegroups does my minion belong? Provides a pillar with the default name of nodegroups which contains a list of nodegroups which match for a given minion.

New in version 2016.11.0.

Command Line

salt-call pillar.get nodegroups
    - class_infra
    - colo_sj
    - state_active
    - country_US
    - type_saltmaster

Configuring Nodegroups Pillar

extension_modules: /srv/salt/ext
  - nodegroups:
      pillar_name: 'nodegroups'
salt.pillar.nodegroups.ext_pillar(minion_id, pillar, pillar_name=None)

A salt external pillar which provides the list of nodegroups of which the minion is a member.

  • minion_id -- used for compound matching nodegroups

  • pillar -- provided by salt, but not used by nodegroups ext_pillar

  • pillar_name -- optional name to use for the pillar, defaults to 'nodegroups'


a dictionary which is included by the salt master in the pillars returned to the minion