Use Openstack Neutron data as a Pillar source. Will list all networks listed inside of Neutron, to all minions.

New in version 2015.5.1.

  • python-neutronclient

A keystone profile must be used for the pillar to work (no generic keystone configuration here). For example:

my openstack_config:
  keystone.user: 'admin'
  keystone.password: 'password'
  keystone.tenant: 'admin'
  keystone.auth_url: ''
  keystone.region_name: 'RegionOne'
  keystone.service_type: 'network'

After the profile is created, configure the external pillar system to use it.

  - neutron: my_openstack_config

Using these configuration profiles, multiple neutron sources may also be used:

  - neutron: my_openstack_config
  - neutron: my_other_openstack_config

By default, these networks will be returned as a pillar item called networks. In order to have them returned under a different name, add the name after the Keystone profile name:

  • neutron: my_openstack_config neutron_networks

salt.pillar.neutron.ext_pillar(minion_id, pillar, conf)

Check neutron for all data