State module for Cisco NSO Proxy minions

New in version 2016.11.0.

For documentation on setting up the cisconso proxy minion look in the documentation for salt.proxy.cisconso.

salt.states.cisconso.value_present(name, datastore, path, config)

Ensure a specific value exists at a given path

  • name (str) -- The name for this rule

  • datastore (DatastoreType (str enum).) -- The datastore, e.g. running, operational. One of the NETCONF store IETF types

  • path (list, str OR tuple) -- The device path to set the value at, a list of element names in order, / separated

  • config (dict) -- The new value at the given path


enable pap auth:
    - name: enable_pap_auth
    - datastore: running
    - path: devices/device/ex0/config/sys/interfaces/serial/ppp0/authentication
    - config:
            method: pap
            "list-name": foobar