To be used with processors in module highstate_doc.

salt.states.highstate_doc.note(name, source=None, contents=None, **kwargs)

Add content to a document generated using highstate_doc.render.

This state does not preform any tasks on the host. It only is used in highstate_doc lowstate processors to include extra documents.

{{sls}} example note:
        - name: example note
        - require_in:
            - pkg: somepackage
        - contents: |
            example `highstate_doc.note`
            This state does not do anything to the system! It is only used by a `processor`
            you can use `requisites` and `order` to move your docs around the rendered file.
            .. this message appare above the `pkg: somepackage` state.
        - source: salt://{{tpldir}}/

{{sls}} extra help:
        - name: example
        - order: 0
        - source: salt://{{tpldir}}/