Wrapper module for at(1)

Also, a 'tag' feature has been added to more easily tag jobs.



Changed in version 2017.7.0.*args, **kwargs)

Add a job to the queue.

The 'timespec' follows the format documented in the at(1) manpage.

CLI Example:

salt '*' <timespec> <cmd> [tag=<tag>] [runas=<user>]
salt '*' 12:05am '/sbin/reboot' tag=reboot
salt '*' '3:05am +3 days' 'bin/myscript' tag=nightly runas=jim
salt '*' '"22:02"' 'bin/myscript' tag=nightly runas=jim

Print the at(1) script that will run for the passed job id. This is mostly for debugging so the output will just be text.

CLI Example:

salt '*' at.atc <jobid>

List all queued and running jobs or only those with an optional 'tag'.

CLI Example:

salt '*' at.atq
salt '*' at.atq [tag]
salt '*' at.atq [job number]*args)

Remove jobs from the queue.

CLI Example:

salt '*' at.atrm <jobid> <jobid> .. <jobid>
salt '*' at.atrm all
salt '*' at.atrm all [tag]**kwargs)

Check the job from queue. The kwargs dict include 'hour minute day month year tag runas' Other parameters will be ignored.

CLI Example:

salt '*' at.jobcheck runas=jam day=13
salt '*' at.jobcheck day=13 month=12 year=13 tag=rose