Provide the service module for the proxy-minion SSH sample .. versionadded:: 2015.8.2

salt.modules.ssh_service.enabled(name, sig=None)

Only the 'redbull' service is 'enabled' in the test


Return a list of all available services

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.get_all

Return a list of all available services.

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.list
salt.modules.ssh_service.restart(name, sig=None)

Restart the specified service with rest_sample

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.restart <service name>
salt.modules.ssh_service.running(name, sig=None)

Return whether this service is running.

salt.modules.ssh_service.start(name, sig=None)

Start the specified service on the ssh_sample

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.start <service name>
salt.modules.ssh_service.status(name, sig=None)

Return the status for a service via ssh_sample. If the name contains globbing, a dict mapping service name to True/False values is returned.

Changed in version 2018.3.0: The service name can now be a glob (e.g. salt*)

  • name (str) -- The name of the service to check

  • sig (str) -- Not implemented


True if running, False otherwise dict: Maps service name to True if running, False otherwise

Return type:


CLI Example:

salt '*' service.status <service name>
salt.modules.ssh_service.stop(name, sig=None)

Stop the specified service on the rest_sample

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.stop <service name>