Manage groups on Mac OS 10.7+

salt.modules.mac_group.add(name, gid=None, **kwargs)

Changed in version 3006.0.

Add the specified group


Name of the new group


Use GID for the new group

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.add foo 3456
salt.modules.mac_group.adduser(group, name)

Add a user in the group.

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.adduser foo bar

Verifies if a valid username 'bar' as a member of an existing group 'foo', if not then adds it.

salt.modules.mac_group.chgid(name, gid)

Change the gid for a named group

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.chgid foo 4376

Remove the named group

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.delete foo
salt.modules.mac_group.deluser(group, name)

Remove a user from the group

New in version 2016.3.0.

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.deluser foo bar

Removes a member user 'bar' from a group 'foo'. If group is not present then returns True.


Return info on all groups

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.getent

Return information about a group

CLI Example:

salt '*' foo
salt.modules.mac_group.members(name, members_list)

Replaces members of the group with a provided list.

New in version 2016.3.0.

CLI Example:

salt '*' group.members foo 'user1,user2,user3,...'

Replaces a membership list for a local group 'foo'.