Salt module to manage Unix cryptsetup jobs and the crypttab file

New in version 2018.3.0.

List existing device-mapper device details.


Close a crypt device using cryptsetup.

CLI Example:

salt '*' cryptdev.close foo

List the contents of the crypttab

CLI Example:

salt '*' cryptdev.crypttab, device, keyfile)

Open a crypt device using cryptsetup. The keyfile must not be None or 'none', because cryptsetup will otherwise ask for the password interactively.

CLI Example:

salt '*' foo /dev/sdz1 /path/to/keyfile
salt.modules.cryptdev.rm_crypttab(name, config='/etc/crypttab')

Remove the named mapping from the crypttab. If the described entry does not exist, nothing is changed, but the command succeeds by returning 'absent'. If a line is removed, it returns 'change'.

CLI Example:

salt '*' cryptdev.rm_crypttab foo
salt.modules.cryptdev.set_crypttab(name, device, password='none', options='', config='/etc/crypttab', test=False, match_on='name')

Verify that this device is represented in the crypttab, change the device to match the name passed, or add the name if it is not present.

CLI Example:

salt '*' cryptdev.set_crypttab foo /dev/sdz1 mypassword swap,size=256