Module for managing quotas on POSIX-like systems.


Report whether the quota system for this device is on or off

CLI Example:

salt '*' quota.get_mode

Turns off the quota system

CLI Example:

salt '*'

Turns on the quota system

CLI Example:

salt '*' quota.on

Report on quotas for a specific volume

CLI Example:

salt '*' /media/data
salt.modules.quota.set_(device, **kwargs)

Calls out to setquota, for a specific user or group

CLI Example:

salt '*' quota.set /media/data user=larry block-soft-limit=1048576
salt '*' quota.set /media/data group=painters file-hard-limit=1000

Runs the quotastats command, and returns the parsed output

CLI Example:

salt '*' quota.stats

Runs the warnquota command, to send warning emails to users who are over their quota limit.

CLI Example:

salt '*' quota.warn