Manage the information in the hosts file

salt.modules.hosts.add_host(ip, alias)

Add a host to an existing entry, if the entry is not in place then create it with the given host

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.add_host <ip> <alias>

Return the list of aliases associated with an ip

Aliases (host names) are returned in the order in which they appear in the hosts file. If there are no aliases associated with the IP, an empty list is returned.

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.get_alias <ip addr>

Return the ip associated with the named host

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.get_ip <hostname>
salt.modules.hosts.has_pair(ip, alias)

Return true if the alias is set

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.has_pair <ip> <alias>

Return the hosts found in the hosts file in this format:

{'<ip addr>': ['alias1', 'alias2', ...]}

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.list_hosts
salt.modules.hosts.rm_host(ip, alias)

Remove a host entry from the hosts file

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.rm_host <ip> <alias>
salt.modules.hosts.set_comment(ip, comment)

Set the comment for a host to an existing entry, if the entry is not in place then return False

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.set_comment <ip> <comment>
salt.modules.hosts.set_host(ip, alias, comment=None)

Set the host entry in the hosts file for the given ip, this will overwrite any previous entry for the given ip

Changed in version 2016.3.0: If alias does not include any host names (it is the empty string or contains only whitespace), all entries for the given IP address are removed.

CLI Example:

salt '*' hosts.set_host <ip> <alias>