Salt 0.9.2 Release Notes



Salt 0.9.2 has arrived! 0.9.2 is primarily a bugfix release, the exciting component in 0.9.2 is greatly improved support for salt states. All of the salt states interfaces have been more thoroughly tested and the new salt-states git repo is growing with example of how to use states.

This release introduces salt states for early developers and testers to start helping us clean up the states interface and make it ready for the world!

0.9.2 also fixes a number of bugs found on Python 2.6.


The Salt source can be downloaded from PyPI:

For instructions on how to set up Salt please see the Installation instructions.

New Features

Salt-Call Additions

The salt-call command has received an overhaul, it now hooks into the outputter system so command output looks clean, and the logging system has been hooked into salt-call, so the -l option allows the logging output from salt minion functions to be displayed.

The end result is that the salt-call command can execute the state system and return clean output:

# salt-call state.highstate

State System Fixes

The state system has been tested and better refined. As of this release the state system is ready for early testers to start playing with. If you are interested in working with the state system please check out the (still very small) salt-states GitHub repo:

This git repo is the active development branch for determining how a clean salt-state database should look and act. Since the salt state system is still very young a lot of help is still needed here. Please fork the salt-states repo and help us develop a truly large and scalable system for configuration management!

Notable Bug Fixes

Python 2.6 String Formatting

Python 2.6 does not support format strings without an index identifier, all of them have been repaired.

Cython Loading Disabled by Default

Cython loading requires a development tool chain to be installed on the minion, requiring this by default can cause problems for most Salt deployments. If Cython auto loading is desired it will need to be turned on in the minion config.