Salt 3006.7 release notes



  • Deprecate and stop using salt.features #65951


  • Change module search path priority, so Salt extensions can be overridden by syncable modules and module_dirs. You can switch back to the old logic by setting features.enable_deprecated_module_search_path_priority to true, but it will be removed in Salt 3008. #65938


  • Fix an issue with mac_shadow that was causing a command execution error when retrieving values that were not yet set. For example, retrieving last login before the user had logged in. #34658

  • Fixed an issue when keys didn't match because of line endings #52289

  • Corrected encoding of credentials for use with Artifactory #63063

  • Use send_multipart instead of send when sending multipart message. #65018

  • Fix an issue where the minion would crash on Windows if some of the grains failed to resolve #65154

  • Fix issue with openscap when the error was outside the expected scope. It now returns failed with the error code and the error #65193

  • Upgrade relenv to 0.15.0 to fix namespaced packages installed by salt-pip #65433

  • Fix regression of fileclient re-use when rendering sls pillars and states #65450

  • Fixes the s3fs backend computing the local cache's files with the wrong hash type #65589

  • Fixed Salt-SSH pillar rendering and state rendering with nested SSH calls when called via saltutil.cmd or in an orchestration #65670

  • Fix boto execution module loading #65691

  • Removed PR 65185 changes since incomplete solution #65692

  • catch only ret/ events not all returning events. #65727

  • Fix nonsensical time in fileclient timeout error. #65752

  • Fixes an issue when reading/modifying ini files that contain unicode characters #65777

  • added https proxy to the list of proxies so that requests knows what to do with https based proxies #65824

  • Ensure minion channels are closed on any master connection error. #65932

  • Fixed issue where Salt can't find libcrypto when pip installed from a cloned repo #65954

  • Fix RPM package systemd scriptlets to make RPM packages more universal #65987

  • Fixed an issue where fileclient requests during Pillar rendering cause fileserver backends to be needlessly refreshed. #65990

  • Fix exceptions being set on futures that are already done in ZeroMQ transport #66006

  • Use hmac compare_digest method in hashutil module to mitigate potential timing attacks #66041

  • Fix request channel default timeout regression. In 3006.5 it was changed from 60 to 30 and is now set back to 60 by default. #66061

  • Upgrade relenv to 0.15.1 to fix debugpy support. #66094