Salt 2014.7.2 Release Notes



Version 2014.7.2 is a bugfix release for 2014.7.0.

The changes include:

  • Fix erroneous warnings for systemd service enabled check (issue 19606)

  • Fix FreeBSD kernel module loading, listing, and persistence kmod (issue 197151, issue 19682)

  • Allow case-sensitive npm package names in the npm state. This may break behavior for people expecting the state to lowercase their npm package names for them. The npm module was never affected by mandatory lowercasing. (issue 20329)

  • Deprecate the activate parameter for pip.install for both the module and the state. If bin_env is given and points to a virtualenv, there is no need to activate that virtualenv in a shell for pip to install to the virtualenv.

  • Fix a file-locking bug in gitfs (issue 18839)

  • Deprecated archive_user in favor of standardized user parameter in state and added group parameter.