Salt 2015.8.10 Release Notes

Version 2015.8.10 is a bugfix release for 2015.8.0.

This release includes fixes for two issues discovered in 2015.8.9:

  • Pip state broken in 2015.8.9 with pip <6.0 (issue 33376)

  • Fix traceback in logging for config validation (PR 33386)

Final Release of Debian 7 Packages

Regular security support for Debian 7 ended on April 25th 2016. As a result, 2016.3.1 and 2015.8.10 will be the last Salt releases for which Debian 7 packages are created.

Important Post-Upgrade Instructions for Linux Mint

As a result of some upstream changes, the os grain on Mint Linux is now being detected as LinuxMint (issue 33295). Run the following command after you upgrade to 2015.8.10 to reset the os grain to Mint and the os_family grain to Debian:

salt -G 'os:LinuxMint' grains.setvals "{'os': 'Mint', 'os_family': 'Debian'}"

Changelog for v2015.8.9..v2015.8.10

Generated at: 2018-05-28 00:51:57 UTC

  • c3d2c4eaae Fix traceback in logging for config validation (#33386)

  • 2a060ea1e8 restore whitespace

  • aa1f45d664 blast, put the try/except int he right place

  • be1a7659a3 maintain the fallabck because I am totally sick of this crap