Salt 3003.1 Release Notes

Version 3003.1 is a bug fix release for 3003.


  • Fixed race condition in batch logic. Added listen option to LocalClient to prevent event subscriber from purging cached events during batch iteration. (#56273)

  • Fixed dependencies for Amazon Linux 2 on since Amazon Linux 2 now provides some of the python libraries in their repos. (#59982)

  • IPCMessageSubscriber objects expose their connect method as a coroutine so they can be wrapped by SyncWrapper. (#60049)

  • Import salt.utils.azurearm instead of using __utils__ from loader in azure cloud. This fixes an issue where __utils__ would become unavailable when we are using the ThreadPool in azurearm. (#59744)

  • Use contextvars library from site-packages if it is intalled. Fixes salt ssh for targets with python <=3.6 (#59942)

  • Add back support to load old entrypoints by iterating instead of type checking (#59961)

  • Pass the value of the __grains__ NamedContext to salt.pillar.get_pillar, instead of the NamedContext object itself. (#59975)

  • Fix pillar serialization in jinja templates (#60083)