Salt 2014.7.5 Release Notes



Version 2014.7.5 is a bugfix release for 2014.7.0.


  • Fixed a key error bug in salt-cloud

  • Updated man pages to better match documentation

  • Fixed bug concerning high CPU usage with salt-ssh

  • Fixed bugs with remounting cvfs and fuse filesystems

  • Fixed bug with alowing requisite tracking of entire sls files

  • Fixed bug with aptpkg.mod_repo returning OK even if apt-add-repository fails

  • Increased frequency of ssh terminal output checking

  • Fixed malformed locale string in localmod module

  • Fixed checking of available version of package when accept_keywords were changed

  • Fixed bug to make git.latest work with empty repositories

  • Added **kwargs to service.mod_watch which removes warnings about enable and __reqs__ not being supported by the function

  • Improved state comments to not grow so quickly on failed requisites

  • Added force argument to service to trigger force_reload

  • Fixed bug to andle pkgrepo keyids that have been converted to int

  • Fixed module.portage_config bug with appending accept_keywords

  • Fixed bug to correctly report disk usage on windows minion

  • Added the ability to specify key prefix for S3 ext_pillar

  • Fixed issues with batch mode operating on the incorrect number of minions

  • Fixed a bug with the proxmox cloud provider stacktracing on disk definition

  • Fixed a bug with the changes dictionary in the file state

  • Fixed the TCP keep alive settings to work better with SREQ caching

  • Fixed many bugs within the iptables state and module

  • Fixed bug with states by adding fun, state, and unless to the state runtime internal keywords listing

  • Added ability to eAuth against Active Directory

  • Fixed some salt-ssh issues when running on Fedora 21

  • Fixed grains.get_or_set_hash to work with multiple entries under same key

  • Added better explanations and more examples of how the Reactor calls functions to docs

  • Fixed bug to not pass ex_config_drive to libcloud unless it's explicitly enabled

  • Fixed bug with pip.install on windows

  • Fixed bug where always returns a 0 retcode

  • Fixed race condition bug with minion scheduling via pillar

  • Made efficiency improvements and bug fixes to the windows installer

  • Updated environment variables to fix bug with pygit2 when running salt as non-root user

  • Fixed cas behavior on data module -- data.cas was not saving changes

  • Fixed GPG rendering error

  • Fixed strace error in virt.query

  • Fixed stacktrace when running chef-solo command

  • Fixed possible bug wherein uncaught exceptions seem to make zmq3 tip over when threading is involved

  • Fixed argument passing to the reactor

  • Fixed glibc caching to prevent bug where salt-minion getaddrinfo in dns_check() never got updated nameservers

Known issues:

  • In multimaster mode, a minion may become temporarily unresponsive if modules or pillars are refreshed at the same time that one or more masters are down. This can be worked around by setting 'auth_timeout' and 'auth_tries' down to shorter periods.