Salt 0.9.6 Release Notes



Salt 0.9.6 is a release targeting a few bugs and changes. This is primarily targeting an issue found in the names declaration in the state system. But a few other bugs were also repaired, like missing support for grains in extmods.

Due to a conflict in distribution packaging msgpack will no longer be bundled with Salt, and is required as a dependency.

New Features

HTTP and ftp support in files.managed

Now under the source option in the file.managed state a HTTP or ftp address can be used instead of a file located on the salt master.

Allow Multiple Returners

Now the returner interface can define multiple returners, and will also return data back to the master, making the process less ambiguous.

Minion Memory Improvements

A number of modules have been taken out of the minion if the underlying systems required by said modules are not present on the minion system. A number of other modules need to be stripped out in this same way which should continue to make the minion more efficient.

Minions Can Locally Cache Return Data

A new option, cache_jobs, has been added to the minion to allow for all of the historically run jobs to cache on the minion, allowing for looking up historic returns. By default cache_jobs is set to False.

Pure Python Template Support For file.managed

Templates in the file.managed state can now be defined in a Python script. This script needs to have a run function that returns the string that needs to be in the named file.