Salt 2015.5.10 Release Notes



Version 2015.5.10 is a bugfix release for 2015.5.0.

Security Fix

CVE-2016-3176 Insecure configuration of PAM external authentication service

This issue affects all Salt versions prior to 2015.8.8/2015.5.10 when PAM external authentication is enabled. This issue involves passing an alternative PAM authentication service with a command that is sent to LocalClient, enabling the attacker to bypass the configured authentication service. Thank you to Dylan Frese <> for bringing this issue to our attention.

This update defines the PAM eAuth service that users authenticate against in the Salt Master configuration.

No additional fixes are included in this release.

Read Before Upgrading Debian 8 (Jessie) from Salt Versions Earlier than 2015.5.9

Salt systemd service files are missing the following statement in these versions:


This statement must be added to successfully upgrade on these earlier versions of Salt.

Changelog for v2015.5.9..v2015.5.10

Generated at: 2018-05-27 22:39:26 UTC

  • 69ba1de71d Remove ability of authenticating user to specify pam service